Welcome To The Charlie Jones Foundation

The Charlie Jones Foundation was founded following the death of baby Charlie Jones in October 2009.Donna and Dean Jones were fortunate to have so many family and friends who cared about them and Charlie’s death not only impacted their lives but the lives of those close to them. People wanted to do something other than sending a card or flowers and they began to donate money via Just Giving. 

In the generosity of friends, family, acquaintances, and total strangers, they managed to raise almost £4,500. All their money was dedicated to The Friends of PICU, to give back to the unit who saved Charlie’s life in the beginning, allowed everyone to have 142 days with Charlie and it was them who were fighting to bring him back in the end.

No amount of fundraising can heal broken hearts but the money we fundraise, may just stop another set of parents’ hearts’ being broken too.

Our current aims are:

  • to raise awareness of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and other Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs) through our social networking sites and through the Book of Love project.
  • to offer pre-natal and post-birth support for newly diagnosed families.
  • to try to get more research into the cause of CHDs and hopefully, a cure.
  • to fundraise for 'Friends of PICU' so our money can be used to provide either lifesaving equipment, which is outside of the remit of the NHS; or to provide the 'little' things that will make the stay on the unit more 'comfortable' for the child/ren, parents, family and friends.
  • to provide support to bereaved parents, their families and their friends with advice, talking, or support with the Wings of a Butterfly.

The current trustees are Donna and Dean Jones (Parents), Kaye Owen (Godparent), and Christina Barfoot.

If you would like to help with an event, or perhaps fundraise for us, or to talk to us about anything else, please contact us.


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